Want a friend, but you can not take home?

The fostership program is the ideal solution! You can take care of any animal that does not yet have a guardian – it’s like having a pet that you’ve been dreaming about all your life, but cant have one because of allergies , high costs for pedigrees or many other reasons.

The fostership program is a real help to our animals! It is designed to improve the conditions for the maintenance and nutrition of our wards, the quality of veterinary care, and also gives us the opportunity to help more homeless animals.

The program of custody of animals enables both individuals and legal entities to take a direct part in the life of rescued animals. Wardship over a pet in Lucky Hunt – this is a real, targeted care and a real manifestation of love for animals!

Become a foster parrent now!

1. You will be the only guardian of a pet according to the term of your donation
2. Your pet will be marked with a special sign. Your name will be displayed on your pet's page
3. You can get additional photos or videos of your pet on request
4. You can visit your pet, play and walk with him
5. Your pet will be grateful for your love and care