Founder and creator of Lucky Hunt Foundation & Projects

Svetlana Hunt

Lucky Hunt is my dream project come true. I don’t remember a day in my life without a pet. It started with my Mom bringing little hamsters, then followed with dogs…

My first dog was a pekingese and I had many since.

I can’t explain my love for animals, I just connect to them and understand them in a very special way.

My mission started in 2010 when I moved to Bulgaria from the United States.
I had never seen so many homeless animals in my life.
Every day I was saddened by looking at their misery. They were ill, hungry and desperate.

One day, during a hot summer month I saw a small dog running up and down the street in agony. He looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. He was covered from head to toes in what looked like black bubbles which grew out his skin instead of hair. Unfortunately I could not help him and the vision is still very clear and vivid – that day I pledged to make a difference.

Today 2018 Lucky Hunt Project has rescued and helped thousands of homeless animals.

Everyday we are confronted with the best and worst the people can do – but I decided to only show the happy moments.

Lucky Hunt Project is not only about animals – today, we are fortunate to realize the dream beyond by uniting our rescued animals together with children who are just as innocent as them. We have ongoing programs using alternative therapies for children with special needs such Dawn, autism, celebral palsy and recovering oncological patients.

About Us
Abandoned, abused, homeless dogs is a sad problem all over Bulgaria.They are helpless looking for food, shelter and loving care as any other animal or human.We are doing something about it and are confident that by addressing this issue in a humane, caring manner, we will achieve success.

We are implementing a focused program of an efficient spay/neuter campaign in neighborhoods full of stray and homeless animals which suffer and may as well be a threat to people.This is the sustainable solution provided that we can educate and change the mentality of people’s ignorance and negativity towards the animals which we have allowed to overpopulate.