Lucky Hunt Farm was created with a need to house rescued donkeys and small breed animals.
We quickly realized that Lucky Hunt Farm could be become an idyllic place where we can connect animals
and children – especially children with special needs.
Although the farm is geared at alternative therapies for children with special needs, everyone is
welcome for free upon reservation. We want everyone to enjoy the farm but expect the families
who are fortunate to share with the less fortunate and the very low income families. Families who
would like to celebrate a birthday or just want to have a beautiful quiet time at Lucky Hunt Farm will
contribute by selecting from various ‘gift certificates’ and donate them to children with special
needs or very low income families. Lucky Hunt is a non profit organization and we have no financial
interest. We just want to be the catalyst for families to share and help each other while having a
wonderful time.

I always knew that I would be criticized for my devotion to helping animals and the question pops up regularly : “why animals and not children?”. I could easily answer by saying that everyone should be doing what is closest to their heart as long as one is sharing and doing something good in his life. I feel blessed that as mother with strong love and compassion for children , I have been able to create a heavenly place where we can address the needs of both the children and the rescued animals. When I see the smiles on the children’s faces and at the same moment the waggling tails of my rescued animals, it brings joyful tears to my eyes.

Svetlana Hunt

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May 2020

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